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People Serving People is proud of and grateful for the community of dedicated volunteers who’ve supported the shelter and our guests in the four decades since we first opened. As the COVID pandemic has required us all to change the ways we live, it has also reshaped the volunteer program. While many of the ways we have welcomed volunteers in the past are less possible now (such as large-group volunteering or hosting different kinds of close-contact social events), we are grateful to those who continue to show up in spite of difficult circumstances, and to those who we know are eager to come back when health and safety allow.

Questions about volunteering? Contact Volunteer Programs staff at or 612-277-0246.


Meal Delivery

Provide direct support to families and to shelter operations by helping deliver meals door-to-door to each shelter room. Volunteers work in pairs or small teams with staff to deliver hot meals on a regular schedule to all families staying in the shelter, ensuring that meals arrive on time and that families have the meals that meet their dietary needs.

The Meal Delivery program runs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, including weekends and all holidays. Shifts are 7:30-9:30am, 11:30-1:30pm, and 4:30-6:30pm. Priority is given to volunteers who can commit to a regular schedule of at least two shifts per month for at least three months.

If interested or looking to get scheduled for Meal Delivery, please contact Volunteer Programs staff at

Early Childhood Development Program (not accepting new volunteers)

K-12 Tutoring and Enrichment (not accepting new volunteers)


People Serving People has previously welcomed volunteers for a wide range of activities, including the following:

  • Resident Resources Assistant
  • Reading Partner/Roving Reader
  • Self-Defense Class Teacher
  • Mock Interviewer/Resume Reviewer
  • Building Beautification/Housekeeping
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Leader
  • Technology Center Volunteer
  • Academic Mentoring Volunteer

We have also welcomed church groups, school groups, and work or professional groups for one-time projects such as hanging holiday lights or repainting our dining hall. Partner organizations have also volunteered via consulting projects related to workplace culture, website development, organizational tax structure, and more. Due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person group volunteering is unfortunately unlikely to be available at this time.

For any questions related to volunteering, please contact Halley Norman, Volunteer Coordinator, at


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