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Lucy’s Story

Lucy started as a volunteer in Resident Resources Front Desk in September 2017. During this time she has demonstrated exceptional dedication, problem solving skills and especially has shown her ability to provide the best service possible to our guests. I know I can count on Lucy when I need assistance at the Front Desk. During a challenging snow storm, I had asked Lucy to come and work on a Saturday and volunteer for another extra 5 hours during the week. Without hesitation she came on that Saturday and helped me deliver services to our guests.

I want to take this opportunity to thank her for her dependability, her kindness and commitment.

We are blessed to have her as a part of our Resident Resources Team!

PS… University of Harvard will be lucky to have her in September 2018.


Jane posing at desk in front of computer


Jane’s Story

As a Resident Resources Volunteer at the Front Desk, Jane has been an invaluable asset to the Resident Resources Department for the past two years. Jane’s dedication and positive attitude towards her work is not only apparent to the families she serves, but also stand as a model for her fellow volunteers. Last winter when supplies of gloves and mittens were in danger of running out, Jane took the unsolicited initiative to rally her friends and neighbors together for an emergency collection. In a matter of a few hours we had received enough donations to insure that no child went without proper attire for the weather. It was just one of many instances that Jane has been an inspiration to the Resident Resources Staff and Volunteers.