pillsbury united communities’ EPIC program

Pillsbury Group

People Serving People’s Housekeeping Department has been very fortunate to have a group from Pillsbury United Communities’ EPIC (Employing Partners in Community) Program volunteering with us every Tuesday since 2010. Each week, this group comes in for a few hours to help us keep the building clean and welcoming to the families staying at People Serving People. Darrle Smith, Ora Cooper, Eric McDonough, Serena Robertson, Wanda Riley, and Jameel Shamsid-Deen (pictured from left) do a tremendous job cleaning areas such as the hallways and family lounges, where guests of the shelter get to read books, enjoy kid-friendly TV programming, and relax in a comfortable and clean environment.
The volunteers cover a lot of ground, and we sure appreciate their help! When asked what they like about coming to People Serving People, Serena responded that she enjoys mopping the floors, and Jameel mentioned that he likes to clean windows. Everyone agreed that they like giving back to the community, as well as the delicious lunch they are served at the end of their volunteer shift.
The Housekeeping Department would not be able to keep our 110,000 square foot building clean without the help of volunteers like the group from Pillsbury’s EPIC Program. We’d like to send a great big thank you to these volunteers for all of their hard work over the past six years!
-The Housekeeping Department at People Serving People