ceo transition

July 3, 2020

Daniel Gumnit - portrait

Daniel Gumnit

It is with intensely conflicting emotions that I write this letter to share that it is time for me to say farewell to People Serving People. This is an amazing organization, with wonderful families, staff, board of directors, partners, donors and volunteers. It has been an honor to work alongside all for you for nine years.

As sad as I am to leave, I am also excited for my next chapter. I will be joining the Children’s Cancer Research Fund as their next CEO. The CCRF is a national organization dedicated to eliminating cancer in children and supporting families during their child’s cancer treatment. While I feel my work at People Serving People—and much of my career—has prepared me for this new role and mission, it doesn’t make leaving any easier.

Over the years, I have learned that the families and kids staying at People Serving People are strong; I respect your resilience. And, I’m grateful that you allowed me to spend time with you in the (GAC) Guest Advisory Council. I will not forget the lessons that you shared with me.

As abnormal as this year has been, this is a normal leadership transition. We are positioned well to advance our mission even in these uncertain times. Our emergency shelter services are stable and secure and have responded to a global pandemic to help keep families safe. Our programs are supportive, effective, and make a positive impact on the community. We have made a pivot toward homelessness prevention and systems change, rapidly launched bold new initiatives, and collaboratively developed a new strategic plan that puts racial equity and the voice of our community at the center of our work. We do this work with you—our families, community partners, and volunteers. Our ultimate goal is to build stability and see families thrive, heal, and transform communities together.

Rinal Ray - portrait

Rinal Ray

Rinal Ray is now People Serving People’s Interim Executive Director and will temporarily assume the role of CEO. She is the Associate Executive Director and is excited to continue her work with our dedicated staff and others to further the important work currently being done. The Boards of Directors are launching a CEO search committee and will update you on its progress. My last official day as CEO will be August 1st. However, I will remain on the board of directors through the end of the year.

With gratitude,

Daniel Gumnit