items not accepted

This list is reviewed and updated quarterly. It is currently up to date (as of May 29, 2020).

The following items are not accepted
Baby formula (powdered) within 2 months of expiration date
Baby formula (ready-made liquid)
Breast pumps (new or used)
Car seats (new or used)
Electronics (Best Buy Stores accept electronics purchased anywhere)
Food items (unless pre-approved by food services staff: call 612.277.0203)
Furniture, including bed frames, mattresses, and household furnishings
Stuffed animals
Toys that are used

We are not accepting clothing at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

The goal at People Serving People is the build stability and confidence within families. If you wouldn’t wear the item or use it yourself, we ask you NOT donate it to People Serving People.

Please view our Needed Items list to see what our families need most.

Other questions? Contact Michele Whitney, or call her at 612.277.0258.

Thank you for thinking of children and families experiencing instability!