Meet Kathy

There are lots of ways for you to get involved at St. Anne’s Place. Just ask their Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy! We reached out to Kathy learn more about her position and the role volunteers play at this small but mighty shelter.

How long have you been working at St. Anne’s Place? Have you always been the volunteer coordinator?

I have been the volunteer coordinator for 7 years. I’ve always worked as the volunteer coordinator, but the role has changed through the years. At some points I also coordinated volunteers at Haven Housing’s other sites-Next Step Housing and Ascension Place. For the last year, I’ve helped with in-kind donations/donation drives for St. Anne’s Place.

What makes St. Anne’s Place special to you?  

The people! The staff, volunteers and shelter guests make this place special. St. Anne’s Place feels like a small, tight community. The staff, volunteers and shelter guests all get to know each other and work as a team to support each other and help families thrive.

Can you briefly describe why volunteers are important to your programs and guests?

We are a small, individualized shelter and volunteers are essential to our programming. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to offer activities to our families. Examples of these activities include tutoring, preschool play time, field trips, music therapy, game nights, and art. Living in a shelter is a challenging time for families and activities provide respite for the moms and outlets for the children. The kiddos are always sticking their heads in the front office and asking when the next day of programming is and what we have planned. They really look forward to it. It is a great break for the moms and quality enrichment for the children. Our small group project volunteers also make a difference by assisting with projects that help the shelter run smoothly and look great.

Is there any specific volunteer opportunity that needs extra support right now?

Children’s programming on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.