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The salad section in the Dining Hall at PSP
Trina & Jim’s Story

Trina has been volunteering at People Serving People for 15 years and Jim has been volunteering with Trina for the last 11 years! They are such a joy to have at People Serving People. They both work so hard and are great leaders with training in new volunteers. Trina is wonderful to watch with the parents and kids at People Serving People. It is so clear how much she cares about people. I truly care and am so thankful for Trina and Jim, they are very special people to me.

Thank you!
Pam, Assistant Food Coordinator


Volunteer at People Serving People
Julie & Lee’s Story

Lee & Julie Bernick have been serving lunch every 3rd Thursday of the month since 2010. The Bernicks have been really wonderful and very reliable. They’ve been bringing their family & friends right along with them for years. I think I can speak for everyone in food service when I say that when the Bernicks are coming to be prepared for the good laughs and fun. They have been a HUGE help by bringing their oldest son’s football team (at least 30 boys) to help us with People Serving People’s National Night Out for past few years. In addition, they’ve also volunteered at Chefs for Change and our annual gala. People Serving People very much appreciates the Bernicks, thank you Julie & Lee.



Volunteer at People Serving People Volunteer at People Serving People


Volunteer at People Serving People
Luke’s Story

I can start by saying having a volunteer who’s also in the food service industry who loves to be here is a plus of us down here in food service. Luke has been coming to PSP for meal service for about 4 years now, serving twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. His energy and smile are most definitely recognized by the guests and there are even a few who know him by name. Luke helps us out a lot here a PSP as much as he can. He’s helped us with a tent for National Out; he’s also given our CEO his input on food trucks and even sent his food truck over to help us test it out. He’s also planning to help us out with future events here at PSP. We are truly grateful for Luke and we’re hoping that he can get a few years under his belt here with us at PSP. Thank you Luke.

Annette’s Story

Annette is a volunteer with Good Deeds Society. Annette comes in every Saturday and Sunday to help us in the kitchen. She is a very hard worker and a lot of fun to work with. She stays for about 3 hours and helps mainly with the dishes and whatever else needs to be done. Annette also straightens out the storage room and has organized it. She gets other volunteers from Good Deeds to help with the storage room once a month. Our Storeroom has never looked better.

Annette has been coming to PSP to volunteer for over 4 years. If she has something else going on, which is rare, she lets us know the week before. We can always count on Annette. She is a wonderful person and one of a kind.